Coolest New Fuel Efficient Car

Driving sucks. I've been driving back and forth from DC to Frederick alot lately and putting all those miles on Chester (my car) has been taking its toll.  That, and i'm feeling a need to be better to our environment.  Our poor planet hates us and i want to be one of the good guys.  Plus, Chester is sooo pretentious that he doesn't even care. 

Clever CarSo, what can be done? Well, take a look at the new CLEVER car.  It's a kickass one-seater.  Mixing the efficiency and compactness of a motorcycle with the comfort and safety of a car, the CLEVER car can go up to 80 mph is tops on my list of what i want to get to tool around town in. 

I was very psyched on the Tango's from Commuter Cars, but they seem to be a little to futuristic in a bad way – in a similar way that everyone wearing silver colored fullTango2.jpg body suits (onesies) with a purple 'V' on the front is futuristic in a bad way.  (Note – the CLEVER car is futuristic cool similar to shooting laser beams out of pencil is cool).  An amazing thing about the Tango is that it's an electric car and can go 0-60 in 4 seconds, so it's fast as hell and totally environment-friendly.  The Tango (see pics) is closer to reality – you can order it now – and while it would be a fun way to get around town, i like the look of my half-motorcycle/half-car CLEVER.

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