Duck Hunt

I recently went hunting in Maryland to take down some quail and pheasants,2005_03_20_MPL3.jpg which is actually much more fun than it sounds. They give you a shotgun, a guide and a dog. The dog runs out in front of you and points out a bird. You mosey up and kick the bush, the bird flies up and then the 3 of us would fire away. You're about 10 feet away and with a huge frickin' shotgun. Sounds easy doesn't it – well it's embarrassing how many got away. We just flat out suck.

Although it's exactly the same, it's not as easy as the old Duck Hunt game.
DuckHuntWhich makes me wonder, as i always have, how the hell did that game work. How does the game know where you're pointing the gun at the screen? Is it a reflection from the screen? That doesn't seem to make sense. Honestly, that was almost 20 years ago and it was AMAZING technology.

Seriously if anyone knows how that works – let me know.

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