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This post is really only so i can repost the video below, which is gold baby, Gold!

Along with the rest of the world, i get pure satisfaction from watching HBO’s Entourage. It like a TV-show pixie stick – pure sugar. Some call it the Sex In The City for men, as it’s 4 guys walking around talking and doing what men want to do. However, Sex In The City did not have an Ari Gold. He makes the show. Thankfully, HBO has done more this season to round out his character
Here’s a video in case you missed any of his lines on the show:


And here’s a little bio i put together of the real Ari Gold in LA which of course includes Mark Walhburg – who Vincent Chase’s is based on. One interesting thing to note is that Jeremy Piven actually used to be Ari’s client.

  • Real Name: Ari Emmanuel
  • Agency: Endeavor
  • Legendary Story
    • There was a trainee taking a piss in the bathroom. The trainee had a full bladder and did a little walk-back from the urinal to get a little distance. Ari walks in and sees the kid and fires him on teh spot. One minute you’re taking a satisfying pee in a good job, the next minute you’re on the street. Rough.
  • Clients – these are just the people i’ve heard of.¬† Apparently he has many more clients but these are ones you might know.
    • Jason Alexander “George Costanza”, Peter Berg (Collateral, Friday Night Lights, The Rundown), Larry Charles, Sacha Cohen “Ali G”, Bob Costas, Mike Binder (Actor, Writer – I liked Mind of the Married Man), Larry David, Michael Douglas, Conan O’Brien, Shaquille O’Neal, Ozzy Osbourne (and Jack and Sharon and Kelly), Paris Hilton, Bonnie Hunt (Actor, Writer), Adam McKay, David Russell, Chris Kattan, Vince McMahon, Michael Moore,¬†Garry Shandling, Joel Silver (Producer), Aaron Sorkin, Ben Stein, Martin Scorsese, Mark Wahlberg – of course

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    1. I saw Ari Emmanual at a panel during the Traverse City Film Festival a couple of weeks ago… apparently he deals with Michael Moore and Terry George (Hotel Rawanda) who were also on the panel. He was very much like Ari Gold… fit, couldn’t sit still, fast talking. It was funny to listen to him try to play down the fact that he’s a blood-sucking agent and loves money. Especially when he’s sitting on a panel discussing the derth of quality movies in hollywood today.

      “I don’t make the studios pay more. I just facilite a partnership between the studio and the actor,” says Ari.

      Yeah… right.

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