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To celebrate a post i made on the blog FirstDateDC which was highlighted on Wonkette, i wanted to focus briefly in the other direction: male’s facial hair. Seeing that the 80’s are coming back (i’ll explain more in an upcoming post), does that mean that beards and mustaches are coming with them? I secretly hope so.

To add more excitement to the question, i recently saw that had beards1.pngre-launched. I thought this site was pretty hysterical and displays pretty much how lame all men are. I mean, seriously, an entire site for beards? Wtf?

They do have advice on how to grow beards:

The sad truth is that there is no magic solution to produce beard growth where there is little or none. If the guy is young, patience may be the answer, as there is always the chance that he will develop more facial hair in the future. Otherwise, unless there is a medical problem inhibiting beard development, there’s really not much that can be done.

And sympathy and words for people who aren’t fortunate enough to grow:

I encourage all guys to work on accepting the level of beardbeards2.png development that they have and learning to make the most of it.

If it still bothers a guy enough, I encourage him to consult a medical doctor. The doctor may not be able to help him develop more beard growth, but should be able to assist the patient in understanding the situation and help him to build coping skills. This is one of the toughest lessons about beards.

Also have 1) beard grooming tips, 2) featured beards, 3) success stories, 4) videos and galleris, and of course 5) a blog

Enjoy (…i guess)

Thanks to SubjectToBlackout for this.


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3 thoughts on “Beards – They're Coming Back!
  1. I am not a fan of facial hair, but each to his own. What I really hate is when it is used to mask a facial flaw, only you know the flaw is under there just the same.

  2. You know I like a bearded man. And I still like my bearded man now that he shaved it off… but he promised to grow it back in the winter.

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