Universal Studio's "Welcome" Movie

Back before the South Park guys made South Park, they were just looking to make a buck any way they could. Universal Studios, right after they acquired Seagram Liquors actually hired them to make a video for new employees. Luckily for us, they were still completely crazy and hysterical. Here’s a peak at the video


Also, keeping with the spirit, my friend SubjectToBlackout sent me the awesome “Make Love Not Warcraft” episode of South Park which is damn good. If you have a spare 22 minutes, i highly recommend you check it out. The episode has been taken off YouTube, but you can get it here at DailyMotion.

The episode was so awesome that it actually has its own Wikipedia page. Pretty funny. Check it out, or as Cartman says:

You can just hang around outside all day tossing a ball around, or you can sit at your computer and do something that matters.

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