Qloud's Music Search and iTunes Plugin Launches

We launched Qloud yesterday and it’s been a crazy ride.  The response to the idea and the site has been positive.   We were first reported (here) about by a popular technology blog called GigaOm which had a good review by their journalist Liz Gannes.  Then we were reviewed by a very popular social networking site called Mashable (here) which got into all the features of our site and nailed what our idea is. One quote from them:

It’s a neat service that looks incredibly slick, although the interface takes a lot of getting used to – I constantly forget to clear my old search before conducting a new one. That said, I’m verging on the side of liking Qloud: it’s still rough, but the intention is there.

Oh yeah!  These two reviews caused us to be featured on Digg (here) which drove a ton of users to our site last night causing our servers to go down twice.  All the users commenting and contacting us caused me to stay up pretty late.  Which is a great problem to have.

Today was another story.  Due to the interest yesterday, we were then listed on the del.icio.us site’s Hot List.  And the popular blog LifeHacker featured us as the Download of the Day.  These drove another drove of users from all around the world to Qloud.

On our Qloud blog we have a MeeboMe widget which allows us to talk to our users in real time and while all are encouraging, we’re definitely having some technical difficulties with the plugin.  They should be fixed soon, but it’s great to get real feedback from real users.

If you haven’t tried it, please  and register (sorry – only Windows for now) and let me know what you think.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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