Atlas Shrugged and Angelina

Note: Spoiler Alert belowjolie

According to this latest press release, they are going to make a movie of Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged and Angelina is going to play Dagney. Great book and she’d be a good Dagney

I wonder who will play the millionaire playboy Francisco D’Anconia the badass capitalist Hank Reardon, or the man behind the plot John Galt who is a brilliant physicist and philosopher and creator of “Galt’s Gulch” where the brilliant minds of the world go.

Its important to note that Dagney hooked up with all 3 of these guys, so whoever gets to play them is going to get some action. The word is that Brad Pitt wants to play Reardon even though Galt eventually ends up with her.

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23 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged and Angelina
  1. I came across your blog through my tag surfer.

    Ahaha..this should be interesting, isnt it? I love all the three guys! 🙂 I hope Jude Law is John Galt ( i think he would suit this part), Brad Pitt would look good as Anconia; Hank Reardon is a tough choice! I think Jolie will do a good job playing Dagny Taggart.

    When are they gonna make “the fountainhead”? or is there a movie on it already?

  2. hmm yeah i have been wondering about angelina playing the part. She is the perfect bitch for the role i guess :/ i should have been the one on it though hahahaha :/

  3. Actually Dagney was a blonde in the book, and I doubt if they will keep all three guy characters. Probably Rearden or D]Anconia will be cut. It would be too long otherwise. My guess is Pitt will play Galt, Antonio Bandaras will play D’Anconia.
    But they have been trying to make this movie for 30 years, and something always happens to make the deal fall apart. We will see.

  4. I LOVE that book. It’s my favorite and The Fountainhead is a close second. I would love to see a remake of the Fountainhead in color. I would definately go see Atlas Shrugged in the theater!

  5. Atlas Shrugged is the greatest book and story i have ever read. I don’t get Angelina as Dagny. I actually believe Brad Pitt should play John Galt, Antonio Bandaras as D’Anconia and YES, Harrison Ford as Hank Reardon. Harrison definitely is t he man for the job. The voice must be Harrison Fords or George Clooney.

  6. A definite second for Ford as Reardon, and Banderas as D’Anconia. Love the train wreck casting 🙂

  7. The three male characters should be dominant looking.
    Hank Rearden- Clive Owens
    Francisco- Cilian Murphy
    John Galt- Julian McMahon

  8. Banderas? Ford? Do you want the movie to be horrible? Ford is too old…. Banderas has an accent…. Horrible people to cast for these parts

  9. First off, I don’t think this book can be made into a good movie. But since it is going to be…

    I don’t know if Angelina will make a good Dagny. She just might, but I think that if Julia Roberts were younger she would do a good job with that role. Remember her in Erin Brockovich? She might make a good Lillian Rearden, however. I actually think that Brad Pitt would make a good Hank Rearden, but definitely not any other part in the book. Antonio Banderas is definitely not a good fit for Francisco. I dont have a suggestion at this moment, but when I read the book someone like the bad guy’s in Ocean’s 12 always showed up. John Galt is a tough choice. I’m not sure about it, but Russell Crowe might make a good John Galt. He doesn’t seem to fit the role well, but it’s Russell Crowe, and he always does well in every role he plays. He’s too old though. Whoever it was that said Jude Law might be right. Clive Owen would make a good Ellis Wyatt. Aaron Eckhart might make a good Eddie Willers. I’m not sure about Jim Taggart either. No male star i can think of off of the top of my head seems to fit his character. The guy who played Dietrick (or however you spell it) in V for Vendetta would make a good Hugh Akston. Whoever plays Ragnar doesn’t have to do anything but look tough and good, so I’m not really worried about that character.

    Seems like the main problems are Francisco, John, and Jim.

  10. I’m thinking they will do a trilogy. This would make it possible to make a movie of the entire book. They won’t have to cut any of the parts that seem not so important but really are. I think Johnny Depp would make a good Francisco. I agree that Jude Law would be good for Gault. Jim will be someone who has not been in the spotlight before.

  11. Harrison Ford would make a good Hank Rearden. I always pictured him being a little older anyway. He would be good. He looks a good American capitalist haha.

  12. this book is retarded. i feel bad for people who read it and never get over it. ayn rand is a phase one goes through during adolesence. it always makes me sad to see grown folk all stuck up in her shyt. did that bitch ever realize that children exist? also, i am afraid they will glorify her horrendous ideas through this movie. does angelina jolie realize that ayn rand’s philosophy and the philosophy preached in atlas shrugged goes against what jolie practices in her own life?

  13. Clearly one of the best books ever written, for me the most obvious choice would be Colin Firth to play Hank Reardon

  14. If only this were possible. – I have also heard talks of a triligy which would be the only way to even begin doing the book justice. Its just not marketable as a one. (Its quite Ironic there are not enough decent minds to appreciate this film done right.)

  15. This book was a waste of time. Terrible writing and way too long…. rambling rambling rambling. A trilogy? Are you kidding? If Ayn Rand was a decent writer the book would have been half the length, but instead… ramble ramble preach preach. Lame.

  16. I like how both of the people who responded saying they don’t like the book don’t know how to write. If the book seemed to long it’s because you didn’t understand it. It was too short in my opinion.

    I didn’t like the idea of Jolie playing Dagny at first, but after a while it seemed right. I think she’ll do just fine. I say Brad Pitt for d’Anconia, Russel Crowe (maybe) for Rearden, and Aaron Eckhart for John Galt.

    And as for Jolie not practicing the ideas of Atlas Shrugged, of course she is! Helping kids in Africa makes her happy. It’s doing stuff like that out of a sense of duty or forcing others to do it that the book condemns. Read the book.

    (Besides, who the hell comes to a blog like this if you aren’t a fan of “Atlas”? Go collect your welfare check and leave us alone.)

  17. What a horrible choice of character for Dagny. Jolie goes against everything Dagny stood for.

    I mean seriously? Has anyone praising her in this role READ this book?

  18. I immediately thought of Brad Pitt as the perfect Henry Reardon. I picture Antonio Banderas for Francisco and Leonardo DiCaprio as John Galt?

  19. I immediately thought of Brad Pitt as the perfect Henry Reardon. I picture Antonio Banderas for Francisco and Leonardo DiCaprio as John Galt?

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