Green Chairs – Perfect for City Living

epgrow.jpgI spent much of my summer on a roof basking in the hot DC sun. While i love living in the city, i also love grass and the feel of soft grass. I think my problems are now solved with the Grow Chaise or the Nomad Grass Lounger. These are just what a man needs to bring nature into the city.

There are several designers making green furniture and i mean not just the color.  Frankly, if you live in the city, this is the best thing next to a park.
mattgagnonnomad.jpgMatt Studio, the designer behind the Nomad (above) creates all sorts of works that bring together the individual and their surroundings.  Ths is not unlike the philosophy behind Emily Plinton who designed the lounge to the right.  She believes that beauty can lie in unexpected places.  Amen to that.  Now i just need to get one of these on the roofdeck next to the kiddie pool.

(found that dean likes these too)

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