Making Electricity

Making electricity
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When driving this weekend down to Palm Springs, i came around a bend and saw thousands of windmills. It was an amazing site and got me thinking about our planet. Here are tons of windmills making electricity for all of us. They are reducing our need for foreign oil, and taking us out of the middle east. This wind is free and we’re taking advantage of it. It’s great.

It makes me wish i saw a lot more of these big guys on my drives through the dessert.  Or even on the great midwest plains.  Lord knows it is super windy there.

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3 thoughts on “Making Electricity
  1. I totally agree with you about wanting to see more windmills in the desert – or, any where else that has a lot of wind – they say the Midwes, especially Nebraska and the Dakotas ,have tons of wind (that’s why people don’t live there: too windy, drives them nuts after a while).

    I also would like to see every house and office building in the south – south east, south, south west all have solar panels on the roof. The sun is free and it’s a shame we are not tapping into that energy source.

    Also, I think the sight on all those wind mills you saw on your weekend trip is one of the GREAT sights – one of the man made wonders of the world.

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