New to MySpace? Use Good Etiquette


A lot of people i know are jumping on the MySpace train. I read a useful article (here) that lists some simple rules that will help you get and keep friends. Some of my favorites are:


• Another thing that might strike a chord with paranoid MySpacers is the mythical MySpace tracker. To put it simply, MySpace trackers don’t exist yet. Don’t be scared if you look at someone’s profile hourly. They can’t tell.

• Writing a comment to everyone on your list is a nice sentiment, but when using that pretense to just get comments back, it’s lame. You know who you are.

• Ladies, if a creepy guy you’ve never met adds you and he has nothing but half-dressed girls on his page, don’t add him back.

• Reading and commenting on blogs is a serious sign of affection. It proves the person cares about your inner thoughts. Don’t ignore these.

• Never under any circumstance devote your entire MySpace to random girlfriend/boyfriends. “Michael is the reason I get up in the morning — this week.”

• Having 500 friends and 20 comments is a mental sign for everyone to not like you. Add people you know. Be as popular as you are — or aren’t.

• Never respond to a private message with a public comment. That’s rude.

• Mirror pictures are ideal. Any picture taken by oneself deserves credit. It’s an art form. Comment on these with something more than “I think you’re hot.”

• Comments consisting of less than eight words are a waste of time.

• No one important will read your personal 100-question survey.

Obviously, these are just the tip of the iceberg. But, if you’re new, it’s worth jumping in (although i know plenty of people who spend way too much time there). If you’re an old hat, i just hope you don’t have an all black page with pink fonts. Ugh!

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