If You Want to Rock, Bang Camaro

Let’s start by saying this: there is a lack of ROCK in the world today.  It’s become a hiphop and country world, and this world has kicked good ol fashioned rock n’ roll to the f’ing curb.   There are about 3 rock bands in the mainstream right now: Daughtry, Nickelback, and Hinder.  I only know Nickelback and think all 3 pretty much suck.  It should be noted that they’re selling records like hotcakes.  Why? Because there are no other choices if you want to rock.  But it’s good to see that there are people like me – people who still care and want to crank some tunes and rock out.

Imagine my happiness when i discovered the Band Bang Camaro. Here’s a band that just turns it up to 11 and then just rocks!  I went to their MySpace page (here) and put on Pleasure Pleasure. I dare you to try to not nod your head to the rock.  I’ve also included the mp3 (here) of Push, Push (Lady Lightning).  It’s no old school GnR.  It’s probably more like an early Def Leppard, but at it is something.

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