Spider-Man 3 Sucks

This weekend, i went and saw the third installment of Spider-Man. I loved the 2nd film and thought it was one of the best superhero movies ever made (although not as good as Batman Begins) so i had high hopes for S3. And i’m sad to say that it was disappointing on every level. The story was bad, the action was average and the dialogue was atrocious.

In the first two films Peter Parker was always a nerdy guy but you felt for him and wanted to see him succeed. But, in this film he was just creepy. Throughout the movie, he is either staring at MJ in a stalker-like way, wandering around with a goofy grin on his face drunk on fame, or when he’s infected by an alien goo just behaving completely odd. I kind of wanted him to get his ass kicked.

The action scenes were nicely constructed but weren’t that interesting. I always hate it when it seems that neither super-hero can die. I mean it seemed that The Sandman was completely indestructible. I mean there was no way he could die so why do we need to spend 10 minutes watch them punch each other? Every movie has good special effects these days, i’d like to see some scenes that are unique. The Matrix came out 8 years ago and those fight scenes are still cooler than any of these.

Scenes i think spidey-sucked:

  • The whole engagement scene was trying to be slapstick silly and came across like something you’d see in a G-rated film. Even though i love Bruce Campbell, this scene didn’t work.
  • When MJ and Harry are making food (who makes omelette’s for dinner?) they dance to the 1950’s tune “The Twist.” Who does this and why use this song? It was just flat-out strange to see in this movie. It was neither sexy, nor friendly. In a blockbuster movie that has 2 villains, it’s not a good sign when the scariest scene in the movie is when two 20-year olds are dancing.
  • The entire time when Peter is “on the goo” is completely strange. Sure his character changes, but the dancing on the street and the macking on the neighbor was done in such a cheesy way that it really brought down the movie. They clearly didn’t think Tobey McGuire would pass as a dick

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43 thoughts on “Spider-Man 3 Sucks

  2. yeah that was funny when he was on the goo walking the streets and doing really funny stuff you wouldnt beilve

  3. Ok, lets get real. How can anyone who ever read the comic book or saw the first two movies (which were awesome) like this complete ass-up of a movie. Spidey had no spider-sense, Sandman somehow turned into the Super-Mummy, and Venom, the most awesome villain ever, was taken care of far too easily. Why did they have to link Sandman with uncle Ben? It made no sense, the dialog was horrible and the ending was ridiculous. Everyone I know was completely dissappointed in this movie. What a freakin joke. Marvel wanted a cash cow, unfortunately for the true fans of Spidey, they got one. This movie is a complete insult to fans around the world for the most part. SpiderMan 3 SUCKS!

  4. I hate it, its not spider-man, i prefer to watch the animated series that were on air ten years ago… dancing on the street? were is all the darkness envolving venom? 20min and he´s destroyed? hell….

  5. Folks who liked this film are either small children, early teenagers, or the mentally handicapped.

    I believe this was scientifically proven recently.

  6. what the heck?

    I loved this movie!! for those of you who didn’t, i DO think your blind. Sure, Spidey lacked some of his skills, but overall it was a good movie.

    -Venom was defeated easily because he could not overcome spiderman..if you guys were true spidey-fans, you would think that too.

    -The Sandman became ” Super-Mummy” because he absorbed more sand..DUH.

    Look, i’m not saying that this movie didn’t have it’s faults. I personally think they were pushing it when they made him walk along pointing to everybody, but give it a chance, man. It was an awesome film!!

  7. I think it’s pretty indicative that the people who liked this movie have trouble putting together simple sentences. Kids, “your” is not “you are,” “its” is not “it is,” and Spider-Man 3 was not good. As the other writers here (who seemed to have mastered basic punctuation) said, it was awful.

  8. Wow, it seems those who enjoyed this movie lack the sufficient I.Q. to type properly. This movie goes against the entire history and life-span of Spiderman in both comic books and other medias. It was truly horrible and utterly disgusting. No one wants to see Peter Parker go in to an Emo dance sequence. I was just watching it going “What the hell?”. Thank god I didn’t pay for this movie.

  9. This movie was a pathetic take on spider man. I cannot believe the EXTREMELY predictable story and also the pathetic “I forgive you.” line. Sure you want to forgive him, but he was just f#cking up cop cars and murdering people so you really shouldn’t just let him go. Millions of other reasons this movie sucked, but of course the average american (read: moron) will of course enjoy this shallow movie.

  10. Alright. Spiderman gets a black suit and turns into a broadway character. Venom dies faster than Uncle Ben did in the first movie, and that argument that Sandman looked like a mummy becuase he absorbed sand, we all knew that. That doesn’t make it any less of an insult to anybody who grew up loving SPIDERMAN, and not this hopeless attempt to franchise him with movies.

  11. Spidey was always my favorite super hero growing up. I loved the first two films and felt they payed excellent homage to the character and stories from the best eras of Marvel’s flagship series. No question that this third installment is a steaming pile of corporate crap. Sony’s half a billion dollars would have been better spent on insuring a smoother release for the Playstation 3…or making a better film of course.

    That reminds me. Did anyone notice that Sony used the Spiderman font from the films for the PS3?

  12. Oh and I hope the bad reviews will squash all this talk about Sam Raimi potentially directing The Hobbit. That has to be Peter Jackson’s project.

  13. This movie was one of the worst things I have ever seen, It’s easy to tell from the very beginning but when Spiderman is running infront of the American flag which is positioned perfectly for no particular reason, Well that summed up the package.

  14. The movie was laughable. I totally agree that the top contenders best superhero movies of all time would be..

    1) Supeman (the first one, what can i say classic)
    2) Spidey 2
    3) Batman begins

    But this movie was absolute shit. What happened to the strong stories from the first two movies, why is MJ always being kidnapped by the bad guys, what the hell was up with all that wierd dancing(tobey sucked at it).

  15. OK, I loved spiderman and spiderman 2 but wtf were they thinking in spiderman 3? For example:
    -dialogue was something that came out of my toilet
    -VENOM (which is the best villian next to Green Goblin) got one f***in fight…………….one F—ing Fight!? At least set him up for SP4 but kill him 15 minutes after??? I wanna punch Sam Raimi in the mouth
    -film was way to busy
    -Peter’s rendition of black spidey really blew
    -I think the producers was smokin some funny ciggarettes after that costastrophe

  16. people who liked it doesnt know anything about spiderman and need to buy a few comicbooks….(who ever uses black goo to discribe “the alien symbiote” doesnt know what theyre talkin bout)

    I cant believe they ruined venom(topher grace did an excellent job of playin eddie brock) but givin him 15 min with the suit!? at least set him up for spiderman 4, and instead of killing him put him in prison where we could have met cledus kassidy (Carnage)

  17. I thought spiderman3 was going to be the best of the three, because I am a huge fan of spiderman and i know the history of all the characters. This movie was the worst of them all, Venom died way to easy, and what the heck what happened to the long, green, tongue. Venom was not even that scary. And I agree with Shane F if there is a sp4 Carnage should come out in it with venom.

  18. Yeah man i agree that wasent only the worst spider man movie it is up there on the worst movies i have seen like it didnt make sense at all and they ruined it like he becomes this emo jazz freak i was just confused and disappointed and the chemistry between peter parker and MJ was just awsome i was blown away………

  19. This movie sucked if your a fan of spiderman you would know venom is huge… has sharp claws… *usually has white patches on the back of his hands with a long tounge and large white eyes… but in this film we get spiderman with sharp teeth.. Topher Grace looked as if he was wearing a deformed spiderman costume

  20. Venom’s movie design is clearly different from the comic books. Sam Raimi’s art team has altered Venom to transition directly from Spider-Man’s costume to a twisted version. Raimi and actor Topher Grace have both described Eddie Brock as a shadow of Peter Parker. Brock’s past is much darker than Peter’s; he didn’t have the nurturing environment that Peter enjoyed. This design is clearly an extension of that emotional concept. Venom retains the basic costume layout of his heroic opposition while keeping his trademark fangs and tongue. The Venom-ized Spider-Man costume also features the typical distorted spider emblem -IGN.COM

    BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. the movie was ok for a person that didnt read the comics but i was really disapointed with venom and that he died

  22. Yeah it made me want to shoot myself in the tongue ! I grew up reading the comic book. It was depressing

  23. I thought Spiderman3 was the coolest one ever! I don’t know why people say it sucks because it was totally awesome! The characters were sweet and they had awesome powers. The director directed it very well and I know a lot of people who would agree with me….Spiderman3 ROX! So Ha!

  24. First of all I think people writing these comments should not use such foul language. It is very rude and is getting obnoxious. Tobey did a great job and if you can’t see that then you’re blind. This movie was not trash and was one of my favorite movies. Trust me I have good since when it comes to what movies are good and which are bad. And just because it is true venom was supposed to fight carnage doesn’t mean you have to go and say mean and nasty things about Spiderman3. If you don’t like it then tough. Just deal with it. Cuz this movie will make billions and everyone likes it no matter what you guys say.

  25. For someone who spent his whole life seeing various incarnations of spiderman in media, I can honestly say Spiderman 3 sucked the sweat off a dead dogs balls. It was worse than Spiderman 1 and that’s hard to do. They butchered Venom almost as bad as they butchered the Green Goblin (while in costume) in the first movie.

    Truly Awful.

  26. I think Raimi purpsosely made Venom into this whiney, annoying twerp to spite the fans. In fact, he was counting on this type of reaction from most of the people blooged in.
    He basically stated that he never wanted Venom in any of his films but he only put him in just to make the film sell. However, he decided to make him into a villain that everyone would hate so that no one would want him back in the next film. This is Raimi’s way of saying that he doesn’t care about the Venom fans and that they should either put up or shut up.

  27. Raimi aquiesced to fan pressure and added Venom to Spidey 3; big mistake! Venom is a dark, scary, lethal menace with all Spidey’s powers and none of his weaknesses. He is not a throw-away character, and should not have been used in this film. Many say the film had “too many villains,” but I say the more the better, just don’t waist them. Sinister Six anyone? Character development is important, but I’ve had just about enough of these whiny kids; lose Kirsten Dunce James Wanko, and spend their salaries on some script doctors. It’s not “Batman and Robin” bad. It’s not “X-Men: The Last Stand” bad. But it’s bad–one might even say it sucked. Hard.

  28. It still irritates me when I think about how dissapointing the venom content in this film was. the simple fact that he was not even named bothers me to no end. he was just that big black monster thing. AND THEY KILLED HIM OFF AFTER TWENTY MINUTES!!!!

    Now, if I got my feature length film of venom-y goodness, I wouldn’t have minded him dying as much…but he didn’t really DO anything.

    ALTHOUGH I think that Topher Grace did a really good job as Venon, only making me like the classic vilain more. He added more of a personality to the awesomeness of Venom.

    Those are just my thoughts on the subject.

  29. Spider Man 3 Sucked Pirates of the Caribbean was way better. Pirates should win there not cause Spider Man came out earlyer and pirated is almost winning so they could of won!!! Spider man SUCKS!!!!

  30. This movie sucked green hairy BALLS. Venom was made into a angry little kid and Peter walks down the street like a wannabe John Travolta. the casting was shite, and the comic shredded into a parrot toilet. These people should be shot.

  31. Awright, I don’t what the f*** you guys are talking about, but that movie was bad. Period. end of story. Parker was dick, MJ and harry danced to some bad-ass music and venom was on crack. Whichever of you liked this movie, check yourself into rehab this instant.

  32. I really thought your movie spiderman 3 rocked the black spiderman is the best of all
    eventhough if the red one was the best I liked the black spiderman.
    Thats all for now

  33. Oh my freakn god! I was embarrased for have taking my girlfriend. My gf doesnt know anything about Spider-Man, so its not just obvious to people who read the comics. I was embarrased for whatever was going thru my gf’s head ( he wanted to come and see this???). She liked the first two movies and even purchased them. I like how out of all the people in the world, “THE BLACK GOO” lol finds peter. No story at all! Then Peter gets so disturbed that he cant help but by a designer suit, point at strangers walking down the street, and dance at a jazz club. Man, if they would have left all that sh!t out, they would have had time for story. Why didnt they just kill harry in the 2nd movie, really? He didnt matter at all in this movie. Part 2 wasnt even that good or relevant! If you remove part 2 from the collection you dont miss a freakn thing!They shouldv left out sandman and focused on Venom. And who the hell wants to see spidey fight sand? Some dude running from the cops just happens to find find a freakn sand pit to fall in and alter his dna? Come on! Yeah that BS director better not even think of directing the Hobbit, or Ill send Brandon Walsh from 90210 to remove his balls. SOB! Please dont make a S4! This movie just blew like a homosexual mut. Im so shocked I cant even come up with anymore reasons why it sucked. Everyone left the movie theater feeling like a boy who just got caught looking at porn by his mother. I hate this movie. I rather drink a whole bucket of elephant piss than watch this movie again. And Im freakn serious too.

  34. S3 was a good movie… BIG special effects and multiple bad guys…good CG – BUT!!!


    I think that I speak for all the true fans of spiderman when I say;


    By killing venom (after 15 min screentime), they lost allot of fans and trust in future movies…

    And TBH I think that he went out like a BIT*H!!!

    Topher Grace… OMG were to start… i did not like him playing as Eddie and Venom… he was to skiny, Eddie was always in good shape and had a big posture.
    They realy disapointed allot of true fans with the overall appearance of Venom!!!

    For Example; the voice of venom WTF was that about, it sounded nothing like venom just like the kid from the 70’s show ~_~ ‘sigh’

    All true fans know what Im talking about when I say: what about “We are Venom”(alien like voice)

    Anyway I can go on for hours….

    After I saw the movie I was went in a deep depression fol like 3 weeks… ~_~ but thats me…

    One more thing; dont expect Venom to return to the big screen very soon, they did not just kill venom but they destroyed the history of the marvel storyline. To repair this it wil take them like 15 to 20 years.

    Ok, I hope I made a point…

  35. the harry potter films are way better than spiderman3. matt riddle you shouldnt of taken your girlfriend to see harry potter cause it was way to cool than sp3

  36. spiderman 3 was the greatest movie of all time for ten reasons

    1) whenever aunt may or harry said their lines I thought I was watching a first-class Tarantino movie

    2) everybody forgave each other and kindess leads to godliness

    3) a man must do what a woman says or he often finds himself emitting another kind of goo all over his wrists

    4) the guy taking the pictures of bryce dallas howard in the crane scene was her babysitter when she was younger. Sexy.

    5) a much more real representation of both Topher Grace and Kirstin Dunst then the world deserves

    6) i love it when suspense is broken up by comedy like in the crane scene. I’m scared of action.

    7) we were all conditioned to love spiderman by all the propoganda such as the times square posts and the parade and the American flag forced in on the jubotron and it’s always important to bow down to coporations they are our leaders they know what’s right for us

    8) the way Sam Raimi expressed his frustration for the fat woman influence taking it’s time to download it’s pop-up on his production by writing J. Jonah not in the way everybody on earth wanted, but by demonstrating how we can’t see it because his wife says no he has high blood pressure — the ultimate microcosm of this pussy-whipped production

    9) Christopher Young and Bernard pistol-whipped what was left of this production by simply being themselves

    10) you be careful dark knight fans — nolan 3’s going to have three villians they say? As we’ve now seen how Sony couldn’t help but turn raimi 3 into one of it’s defective playstation 3s, I won’t what the corporate influence will be like on a production that will aim to — despite having the Riddler — keep from being campy one-liner nonsense. There’s no way in the world the forces of man would let what happened to spiderman 2 happen to dark knight would they? Oh wait — who’s the big coporation behind Batman…Sony? No…AOL Time Warner! HEE-HEEE-HEEE-OH-HAHHAHAHA!!!


  37. Hooray! We all love those cliché hollywood movies. You can’t get enough of them! I love how Venom spends about 1 minute to tell peter how good it feels to having revenge and blah blah, so that EVENTUALLY MJ can throw a rock at Venom, making him lose grip., and thanks to that spiderman can free himself from his bad situation and go pwn! YEAH THAT’S SO ORIGINAL… I mean, I have only seen that kind of scene in 50 different movies?

    Apart from that, after maybe 40 min of the movie, I could already tell what was going to happen during the remaining part. I’m not spoiling anything but yeah, it felt very, VERY, “massproduced”, cliché, whatever word you want to use. Not exciting at all, I was on the edge of turning off the TV several times, especially during the last half of the movie.

    That + ridicolously bad acting made me feel very unpleasant watching the movie. Out of 10 I’ll give the it

    EPIC FAIL/10! Maybe focus on anything more than the effects, next time.

    Spiderman is kinda cool though

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