Nathan Myhrvold – Pretty Badass

I just watched this video about Nathan who is quite an incredible guy who spends 18 minutes describing what he does. It’s a lot of very scientific stuff like:

  • Archeology – digitizing Easter Island statues and the pyramids
  • Inventing new nuclear reactors – which are more efficient and better than the current designs
  • Inventing meta-reactors which are really real invisibility cloaks
  • Bio-medical research – is studying the eyes
  • Building radio-telescopes and funding the SETI project. If you want the movie Contact, he describes that all the characters are based on real-life folks. He’s the creepy rich guy
  • Cooking – took a sabatical from Microsoft to study cooking in France and occasionally works at a Seattle restaurant
  • BBQ – he won the world championship BBQ prize
  • Paleontology – he’s discovered a T-Rex in a badlands

It’s just a video about him and how he loves to do a million things. As he says, the talk is “a mile wide and an inch deep.” But that’s how he operates. One thing that stands out is that he seems to be one of the bigger badasses alive. I’m happy that people like them are out there and trying to discover the past mysteries of the world and invent new ones. Pretty interesting stuff…

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