Raconteurs – the new Led Zepplin?

I love Jack White. I think he’s the best guitarist of my generation. There is no wonder to me why The Rolling Stones asked him above all others to participate in their recent movie with them. He rocks.  His band, The White Stripes, is really him with his wife who plays drums.  It’s good but it could be so much better.

I think he got tired of playing by himself and he found himself some legit band members and formed a band called The Raconteurs.  Their first album was average but their second and latest is the BOMB.  Seriously, you want to rock out – this is the album for you.   It reminds me of Led Zepplin II which has Whole Lotta Love and Heartbreaker.  Some classic guitar rifs and good tunes.  The songs Consoler Of The Lonely and Salute Your Solution do the same.

I can only hope their third and forth album continue to impress.  We need more talented rock superstars.  Check out the tracks below:

Consoler of the Lonely

Salute Your Solution

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