Real Thugs and The Wire

Many of you know of my love of The Wire.  You can imagine my excitement when i heard from BroncosRule about the NY Times running a series where a reporter sat down and watched Season 5 of The Wire with real-life gangsgters.  Columbia University sociologist, Sudhir Venkatesh, who has a new book “Gang Leader for a Day,” sits down and watches “The Wire” with a group of New York-area gang personnel.

  1. Part one: betting on who’s going to get it
  2. Part two: Being “a fly” meaning co-oping a cop and they all do it
  3. Part three: Butchie is very authentic and real thugs do cry
  4. Part four: The old days make you stupid. Prop Joe took his eye off the ball and paid for it.  Very real and very raw.  And the importance of The Greeks.
  5. Part five: Being “a coin” and politics.
  6. Part six: nobody keeps their word
  7. Part seven:
  8. Part eight:
  9. Part nine:

I couldn’t read 7-9 as i’m not yet done with Season 5.  I love these articles.

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