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Last night i watched this video of Ze Frank (below).  He’s a kooky guy but totally entertaining. I do like that he takes common elements of the internet and uses them to better connect people and to create social happenings and actual events and items.   Instead of people trying to create products and platforms, he’s actually trying to create content in innovative ways – which i find both interesting and refreshing.  I think some of the things he posted in here were just awesome.

Picture 8

First, he found this song on the internet that a dad was singing for his daughter called “I’m going to whoop somebody’s ass”.  He took the song asked his fans to sign along and interact. The fans did that and more.  This song spawned countless numbers of remixes. A video was created. A video was story boarded by a member of the “audience”, then another member offered portrait sketches to anyone who would help fill in the video. The video was made.  The remix appeared in a movie, in a car commercial and countless other places and suddenly the creator – a unsuspecting PhD-turned-preacher nammed Ray, now finds the trajectory of his life shifted, as he is inundated with countless versions of his song, in audio and even video format.  Awesome.  (below is a video remix of Ray’s song)


Ze does a lot with songs.  Another intance, he created a song for a woman who wrote in that she was scared of the dark and he made up a song for her.  You can hear that song by clicking on the image below

Picture 2Another fun thing that he did was called “youngme / nowme” where people take picturs of themselves when they were young and recreate those pictures now.  It’s hilarious to see what people have done.  Some are simple, some are very involved.  In both cases, they are fun to look at.  He’s got a whole site with the submissions here 2gfdyuszhp

Picture 3Picture 5

Picture 6

There are lots of examples of cool things Ze has done in his talk.  These are just a few.  I always enjoy his creativity and if you have some time, it’s worth checking out.

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