Coronavirus Log – Day 12: Fear

Where my head is:

I’ve now seen the virus more up close as I have some friends and family who are sick. I’m getting more scared about it. I’m scared of my family getting sick and people close to me dying. I know this isn’t a new concern to most but it continues to get more real for me.

It really makes me appreciate the family I have, my awesome kids, and how great it is to be with them every day.

If you’re scared too, just know that we’re all in this together. It’s crazy fucking times.

Other Items

This mayor totally lost his shit…in a great way. Pretty great:

Different people respond differently to the isolation. This guy has it figured out (kid friendly):

Also, following up on yesterday’s Triscuit’s post. A good thread…


  • World: Cases: 553,244. Deaths: 25,035 (up 2866 from yesterday – daily increase of 15%)
  • USA: Cases: 86,012. Deaths: 1,301 (up 255 from yesterday – daily increase of 4.%)
  • Marin: 65 cases (up 5 from yesterday)

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