Coronavirus Log – Day 24: Getting Creative

The above cover from Vogue in Italy. They wrote:

White is first of all respect.
White is rebirth, the light after darkness, the sum of all colours.
White is the colour of the uniforms worn by those who put their own lives on the line to save ours.
It represents space and time to think, as well as to stay silent.
White is for those who are filling this empty time and space with ideas, thoughts, stories, lines of verse, music and care for others.
White recalls when, after the crisis of 1929, this immaculate colour was adopted for clothes as an expression of purity in the present, and of hope in the future.

What I’m thinking about: Companies Getting Creative

I was talking with my friend Camilla yesterday and she had a great point:

Its pretty phenomenal how companies are adapting and adjusting and getting flat out creative… pie shops and bakeries hosting virtual baking clubs, wine shops and florists doing classes, tastings and deliveries, I saw Redfin is now doing virtual showings where an agent goes and essentially FaceTimes and answers chat questions.

I totally agree. One area I’m really impressed with is Masks. Now that we’re past the whole should I wear? debate, we can focus on what really matters – how they look. I’m starting to see some flair. You can get all different colors and styles now:

Also, Sports

With no march madness, the sports world is scrambling. I thought it was interesting to see that Major League Baseball is floating an idea of putting all the teams into a compound in Arizona, quarantining everyone together, and playing games with no fans.

Meanwhile I’m like the rest of the world in just rewatching old games, trying to decide if eSports are a thing (not yet), and looking at videos on Twitter to pass the time until sports can start up again.

This guy did a one-man March Madness show:

Other Stuff

This is good:


Pulling from this spreadsheet which tracks totals and new cases:

Only 64 more days to go

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