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78: More Protesting and Rioting

Police + Public

We’re now five days away from George Floyd’s death and we’re getting to a better place. On Saturday all I saw was police officers using batons, tear gas and rubber bullets. There was a lot of pain.

Yesterday, at first I saw something different. I saw people coming together and some police joining in with protesters to express their stance against police brutality, and to show solidarity with the anti-racism movement.

Here are a few:

In Flint Michigan the Sheriff took of his helmet, instructed all officers to lay down batons and to chants of “walk with us” joined the protesters in their march

At a protest in Camden, instead of throwing up their shields, police there marched alongside the demonstrators

In Santa Cruz, California, the police chief took a knee with protesters with the department and tweeted out:

In Kansas City:

In Fargo:

In Ferguson, MO:

But, wait…

as last night approached, the scene turned ugly. More riots occurred. They started happening all over the place:

In Santa Monica the police tear gassed everyone. In Minneapolis, a semi-truck driver ran his truck through a group of protesters.

It was bad, maybe the worst I’ve seen America in a long time. Trump remained silent.

Some photos from Minnesota and around the country:


From @brd_dispatch

In Kansas City:


In Utah at @DeseretNews

From @mercnews

In Detroit

Other Stuff

Trump’s star in Hollywood is no more:

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about:

Dogs are the best:

I’ll finish with this one:


Seems not relevant given the madness, but cases are still trending down.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Time to get back at it…

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