Euro Trip 2024 – Rome

(Previous post, the first part of the trip and our time in Milan)

We would spend 4 nights and 3 days in Rome and it was a great time. We saw everything we wanted and more.


We got to Rome about 9pm on Sunday.  After a debate, we decided to subway it to our Airbnb.  This involved a healthy walk from our subway stop (Spagna) to our place. It was both strange and awesome passing the Spanish Steps at 10pm when they’re empty and quiet.

We then finally got food around 11pm as we got a good recommendation from a guy Leo made friends with on the train.


Our Airbnb is great. Beds for everyone although for some reason the Italian air makes me snore. This pic is on the steps of our place in the lobby in front of an old birdcage elevator that definitely isn’t to code.

First stop is the Colosseum. Ali found a great guide Francesca who made the place come alive. She showed up the secret cat and cat doors as well as had some great explanations of all things.  Mckenzie and Mary would have approved.  Luca, Massi and Hunter were enthralled and explored the crap out of the place.

After exploring the Forum right next door, we got some gelato and walked to the Trevi fountain which is a healthy 30 minute walk. The Trevi is one of my favorite spots in Italy but this time seemed MUCH more crowded than last time (almost 20 years ago). I guess word has caught on.

The kids were fine walking everywhere. Because there were 4 of them, they mostly played as they walked.  Occasionally their energy sagged and we would stop for a meal or snack.  After the Trevi, we went home to relax a bit. We decided to grab food and dine in at our Airbnb.

Me, Ali and Diane did have a fun time at The Bulldog, a local bar/restaurant where we got a few drinks and chatted while we waited for food.


We hit St. Peter’s and the Sistine Chapel in the morning.  Our tour guide this time was the opposite of awesome. She mailed it in and we were all kind of bummed as there is SO much to see.  I was really taken by Raphael’s work this time and while the Sistine Chapel is always incredible and was my favorite the last time I visited, I enjoyed other parts more this time.  Other favorites were the tapestries and the greek/roman sculptures.

We were also unfortunate to have Luca lose his phone. We have been warned of pickpockets but we think one finally got us.

After the Vatican experience, we said goodbye to the Cedolin family and went back to our airbnb to rest and nap.

In the evening, we went to dinner at Piazza Navona and I remembered fondly my brother and all he loved about Rome.  At this plaza, I distinctly remember a hot day about 20 years earlier where I was driving him insane with my lack of respect and interest in anything he was saying.

Had a chill night in and relaxed. We’re pretty tired and we slept almost 10 hours each. We needed it.


We moved  to a new hotel which is right next to The Forum. It’s a small boutique place (The Nerva) but was really lovely.  The room was a loft which seemed to really impressed the kids. In fact, of the 5 hotels we stayed at our trip, this was their favorite (also the most expensive).

It was our last day in Rome and the only thing on the agenda was The Pantheon so we set out walking towards it.  On the way, we stumbled across a museum that was showing MC Escher works and as fans we popped in.  It was fantastic. I didn’t know that much about him and the exhibit showcased all his stuff from the early stuff to the later trippy stuff. Was really worth seeing and one of our favorite things we went to.

After Escher we hit there Pantheon and then walked the city for a few hours just basking in how great it is.

Thursday morning we woke up early and flew to Ireland to continue the fun.

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