Revisiting We Are The World

When listening again to the classic We Are The World, i couldn’t help but think what a great song it is. It was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and became the fastest selling American pop song single ever.

We Are The World (download here)

Some notes on the song:

  • Michael Jackson pretty much wrote the entire song himself.  Sure, Lionel was there but it’s mostly MJ’s work.
  • All the musician came from the American Music Awards.  All came in limousines except Bruce Springsteen who drove a pickup truck and parked it outside and paid for meter parking
  • There was a big sign listed above the studio with the words, “Leave your ego at the door.”
  • Prince bailed at the last minute because the organizer called him a creep (guess he didn’t see the sign)

ANyway, a good song to go back to and check out

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