My Own Personal Newspaper

I’ve long thought about how the newspaper industry is changing (especially because my new startup is targeted towards the publishing industry) and this past week i found something really amazing interesting.

Let me start by saying that i find my feeds (both Facebook and Twitter) way more interesting than any website I read.  I typically get all my news from Google Reader where i’ve imported  all the sites and feeds that i’m interested in.  This is a great way to quickly process information but it doesn’t give me any information from other sites (obviously). The great part of Twitter and Facebook is that my friends provide links from all around the web.

So, while at BlogWorld last week i learned about which creates a personal newspaper based on your Twitter feed.  My personal paper is here.  It looks at all the links submitted by your Twitter friends, see what those stories are and creates a paper of those stories.  It also knows the categories of those links so it creates a Sports and Technology section for you.  For instance, this morning my has this Business section:

This is similar to what the company Flipboard is doing – although that’s only an iPad app.  The beauty of this is that it’s taking my feed, which has all the information i want, and placing it in the format that i want – as a nice webpage where i don’t have to click through each link to consume them.  It’s eliminating links and making my life prettier and easier.  What a great way to start a morning

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