Foot, Meet Mouth: Hunter Sleeping Edition

Last week i said the words about Hunter

The little guy sleeps!  Yes, he seems to be good at his sleeping. He doesn’t like going to sleep but once he’s there he crushes it from 6-8pm to 6am.  It’s a beautiful thing. 

I spoke WAY too early.  Since then the little guy has been regularly waking up at 3am and crying his face off until we feed him.  Um, yeah, that’s not so fun.  My bad, internet gods, i promise not to do it again. 

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2 thoughts on “Foot, Meet Mouth: Hunter Sleeping Edition
  1. that sounds more familiar to me. and suddenly the early evenings aren’t time to fill, but time to sleep! 🙂 if he did it before though, he can do it again. maybe he’s teething?

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