Coronavirus – Day 15: The Howl

On my mind

I am feeling optimistic about things today. It might be wishful thinking or just some of the latest news items I read but I’m hoping that we’re getting close to turning the corner. There’s a rumor that we might be flattening the curve here in the Bay Area. Man, I hope that’s true.

The Howl

There’s a thing where I live where everyday at 8pm, everyone opens their window or steps outside and howls at the top of their lungs. The dogs all jump in too. It’s loud. Apparently it was started by someone who wanted to send out a howl to honor the health care workers. It is nice and it’s good to hear the yell from all my neighbors to feel more connected to where I live. ABC News did a report on it too.

I tried to capture it in this video. It’s not great, but you get the idea

Some Good Stuff


  1. World: Cases 737,929, deaths: 35,019 (up 4,172 – a daily increase of 206%!)
  2. USA: Cases 143,055, deaths: 2,513 (up 322 – a daily increase of -34%)
  3. Marin: 93 cases (up 21), 1 death

This video give you a good perspective as to how the US is faring compared to the rest of the world…


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