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Coronavirus Log – Day 17: Asymptomatic

What’s on my mind?

Asymptomatic people. It’s now come out that maybe 25% of all people infected show no symptoms.

I have a friend who was doing great and isolating the whole family. They had an au pair who happens to have a boyfriend she was sneaking out to see. Well, the boyfriend got COVID and gave it her. She then passed it on to the whole family. The interesting and scary part is that she showed no symptoms the whole time and has never developed symptoms. Luckily everyone is okay.

I’ve never heard of a virus behaving this way. Nobody has the flu, pneumonia or a cold without symptoms. We seems to be totally new territory.

The shut down of the rest of the country.

We are not aligned. The rest of the country is still not there. 20 states still don’t have shelter-at-home orders. I do think it’s mostly because they haven’t seen the cases, but it also a bit political – note that all 20 states have Republican governors.

Speaking of not shutting it down, I was surprised to see this:

Finally, it’s interesting to see that the peak of COVID will be different in different areas of the US. Here in California, it looks like we’ll be peaking in the end of April, four week from now.


Also, this is not good: Captain of aircraft carrier with growing coronavirus outbreak pleads for help from Navy.


  1. World:: 874,081 cases, deaths: 43,291 (up 4,227 – daily increase of 7%)
  2. USA: 189,633 cases, deaths: 4,081 (up 911 – daily increase of 37%)
  3. Marin: 107 cases (up 9), 5 deaths (up 1)

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