Coronavirus Log – Day 19: Home Gym

What’s on my mind?

Unemployment is just rampant. The number of people out of work is just staggering. I talked to someone I know yesterday who has 4 dollars in their bank account and one month left in rent. The aid can’t come fast enough.

Other countries continue to put us to shame. I’m glad we’re finally coming around on the masks, but it’s time to get the rest of the foundation in place – tests, temperature checks, and individual tracking. That’s how you beat it.

As for me, I’m working on my Home Gym. If I’m stuck at home, I might as well be staying fit. I’m jealous of those with Peloton, Mirror, Tonal or any of the other new gadgets that let you work out at home.

My latest attempt (Thanks MAL) is a weight vest. I’ve got a new 20 lbs vest. Wearing it turns air squats into real leg workouts, turns pushups into bench presses. My new vest just arrived and I tried it out for the first time last night and man my legs are shot after 100 air squats.

Other Stuff

On Wednesday, the singer Adam Schlesigner, a songwriter for films and stage died at age 52 from COVID-19. Quite a talented guy and sadly won’t be the last great talent to be taken during this time. From writer Matty Karas:

Adam’s eye for the detail of ordinary suburban strivers was every bit as sharp as the well-chronicled ear for criminally catchy hooks that he deployed over the course of six FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE albums, five IVY albums, one TINTED WINDOWS album, one unforgettable hit song for a fake ’60s rock band in a TOM HANKS movie, 157 songs for the TV series CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, one Broadway musical, one off-Broadway musical, one MONKEES song and let’s just stipulate there was a lot of other stuff.

On a happier note, this was my favorite thing I saw yesterday (Thanks Dana P.). There’s a museum that asked people to recreate paintings with stuff they can find at home. Some great results. Some are below but click in to see all of them.


  1. World: Cases: 1,014,673, deaths: 52,973 (up 4,390 – a daily increase of -17%)
  2. USA: Cases 244,678, deaths: 5,911 (up 774 – a daily increase of -27%)
  3. Marin: 118 cases (up 10), 6 deaths


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