Coronavirus Log – Day 21: Rainy Saturday

What’s Happening

Yesterday was a rainy Saturday over here at the Lewhouses, so there were lots of in-home activities. Diane and Sasha built some desks to improve our home schooling setup.

While that was happening, Hunter and I watched the Han Solo movie. After completing his Millennium Falcon Lego set, he was curious about how Han got the ship and its origin story. That movie got a bad rap when it came out but it’s not terrible. Lord/Miller did get screwed though.

Later in the afternoon, I then HAD to get out of the house so I loaded up the kiddos and we went for a hike here in Mill Valley to a local waterfall:

Finally, we finished the Netflix docuseries, Tiger King. A good watch:

What Else?

There’s a good Op-Ed by Bill Gates in the Washington Post. He brings up a good point – the federal government could start NOW preparing for a vaccine and invest in the favorites to mass produce the ultimate vaccine that gets created. This whole madness doesn’t really stop until we get the vaccine, so why don’t we do all we can to get prepared for that. During this whole period Bill Gates has shown to be a total winner and a national treasure. History will look extremely favorably on him.

Also, the mask business is ridiculous. First we weren’t supposed to wear them, now we should wear anything we can come up with.

I read this great interview with the woman who blew the whole lid off the story and the ridiculousness of the CDC not recommending wearing masks. There’s a lot of good nuggets in here including (a) why no-one in the medical community could write the story and contradict the CDC, (b) why Japan is the perfect place to prove that mass work,

In fact, there’s a very interesting case, in Japan where they’re doing everything wrong but masks — they’re not testing properly, they’re not socially isolating, they’re still talking about should we shut down this or that, they tried for a long time probably to try to keep the Olympics, which is hopeless, it wasn’t going to happen — they do as a culture wear masks about 60 to 80% of the time depending on the estimates. And while I think because they’re not testing, they have a bit of an undercount, they have more cases than they know, but they’re not Lombardy, they’re not Italy.

In other news, Louis CK is releasing anew comedy special…


  1. World: Cases: 1,203,485 — Total deaths: 64,784  (up 3910 – a daily increase of -51%)
  2. USA: Cases: 312,237 — Total deaths: 8,501 (up 1338 – a daily increase of 7%)
  3. Marin: Cases: 137 (up 6). Deaths: 7 (up 1)




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