Sometimes Bond just doesn't make sense

I saw the new James Bond, Quantum of Solace this weekend.  It’s pretty good but by no means great.  It’s a 6.5 out of 10.  It’s definitely entertaining but has some total absurdity in it that keeps it from being. A few thoughts:

First – The Aston Martin chase scene in the beginning.  This is a fine scene but i hate how they show you every time Bond shifts gears and you can hear the engine revving.  I hate it because everytime you look the non-Aston Martin is directly behind the car.  If the car is going so super fast, how come everyone is staying right with it?  Doesn’t make any sense.

The name Quantum of Solace is just a stupid name.  And, i quizzed 5 people after the movie and none of them knew what it meant.  It’s not good when nobody knows what the title of a movie means.  I haven’t seem such a bad title since Primal Fear – although Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was pretty bad too.

The airplane scene.  The two of them (Bond + Bond girl) rent out a big cargo plane (Note: I have no idea why they didn’t rent the smaller two person plane right next to it).  This cargo plane is met by a MiG-type fighter jet.   In order to combat the jet, James throws smoke out from the destroyed left engine, slows down and turns towards the upcoming mountains.  The action is cut like this:

  1. Shot 1: Bond’s cargo plane
  2. Shot 2: the ominous approaching MiG
  3. Shot 3: the altimeter at 900 in Bond’s cargo plane
  4. the MiG getting closer and dodging the smoke
  5. the looming mountain ahead
  6. the altimeter at 800 and dropping
  7. the mountain ahead even closer
  8. sweat on James’ brow
  9. the MiG still behind James’ plane
  10. the altimeter at 750
  11. the mountain ahead
  12. the MiG
  13. more sweat on James
  14. an EXPLOSION!!!!
  15. the cargo plane flying safely away

I’m supposed to be happy that Bond has again used his cunning and intellect to get out of a jam.  Too bad we (the audience) have NO idea what just happened.

There’s a huge water crisis. This is at the core of the movie.  Yet, at the end, how has he solved the water situation?  It’s still dammed up and owned by a private company.  All he’s done is killed the CEO.  I don’t think that fixes anything.  Am I wrong?

Finally, I have a big problem with the Bond Girl.  First off, James used to be super smooth with the ladies but this chick seems to hate him the entire movie.  Not only does Bond not hook up with her but she sleeps with the villain instead.   Basically the entire movie is way to Bourne Identity for me.  They should try to make Bond his own man rather than Jason Bourne.

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