Chinese Democracy exists and i'm happy about it

Guns n Roses album Chinese Democracy is released
Guns n' Roses album Chinese Democracy is finally released

I had this conversation in the office today with a colleague (let call him M-Bone) that went like this:

  • M-Bone: The new Chinese Democracy album totally sucks
  • Me: Really?!
  • M-Bone: Yeah – it’s totally horrible
  • Me: hmm
  • Me: Hey – did you like Use Your Illusion?
  • M-Bone: No – i hated that album too

And there you have it.  I keep hearing from lots of people who didn’t like Guns ‘N Roses to begin with that the new album Chinese Democracy is garbage.  Of course it is – you don’t like the Guns N’ Roses‘ music.   Me, on the other hand, happen to really like GnR and think that the new ablum is really interesting.  Of course the music isn’t as good as Appetite for Destruction – nothing will ever be.  But it is good.  And even more than that – it is nice just to have it exist. It’s a moment, an event, something worth listening to.

The Phantom Menace

I would argue the same for Star Wars Episode I or Rocky II.  Are they good as the originals? No, definitely not.  Am i happy they exist? Absolutely.  Whether you love them or hate them – it just makes the world a better place.

I don’t think i’ll know how good the music is until all the hoopla dies down.  Probably sometime in mid 2009 i’ll have a sense for how good the songs are.  Right now i really like them and really enjoy just experience more GnR.

There is also a good review by Chuck Kloseterman about the new album.  As a fellow fan and probably the most qualified man in America to review the album, he also appreciates the album but brings up some good questions that it raises.  I’ll leave you to the article. It’s here in the AV Section of the Onion: Chuck Klosterman’s review of Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy

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More Pirates vs. Jedi

Just got a recent comment on my post of “8 Ways Pirates of the Carribean Steals from Return of the Jedi.” The original post has generated quite a bit of discussion – logging over 100 comments!  This last comment had some good ones….

  1. The two funny pirates are physically similar to the droids too. One is tall and skinny (like C-3PO) and the other is short and round (like R2D2)
  2. Jack is taken alive by Jones as a sacrifice to his friends, just like Han Solo is taken alive by Vader as a sacrificed to save his friends.
  3. A former villain (Barbosa,) comes back to help rescue a former rival (Jack), and also feels Jack stole his ship the black pearl.    A former villain (Lando) comes back to help rescue a former rival (Han), and also feels Han stole his ship the millennium falcon.
  4. Elizabeth’s home is destroyed by the villains at the beginning of the movie; Leia’s home planet is destroyed at the beginning of the movie.
  5. Both Elizabeth and Leia are royalty.

Love my readers  🙂

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