Transformers – The Movie

TranformersAs a kid, my favorite toy was transformers. I loved them. What a genius idea to instead of making something half robot have man – make it half robot / half car. Awesome. And if you're a bad guy, you half-robot / half plane or gun.

After a good 20 years since the last transformers movie, they're making another one. Although this one isn't a cartoon and it isn't just for kids. With "I'll blow anything up and make everyone look as cool as possible but with the worst dialouge" Michael Bay at director, Steven Spielberg as hands-on creative producer, and some big name stars signing on, this movie has the makings of being fantastic. Just announecd this past week is Shia LaBeof, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jon Voight, Bernie Mac, Tyrese, John Turturro, Megan Fox, Travis Van Winkle (who was on an OC episode this year), and John Robinson (guy from Elephant – the worst movie ever). I don't think any of these guys are playing the actual transformers, but rather the people who interact with them.

I couldn't be more excited for this movie and i wish they'd bring back the toys too. It seems like the kids of today don't have heros and villans as cool as rotots turned cars and with great names like Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Omega Supreme.

Update (4/23): Not 8 hours after i posted this, the site Ain't It Cool News posted an article about a sitdown they did with Michael Bay about the movie. Apparently it'll be the first movie to every show the new F-22 jet that can hover. All in all, it still sounds like it's going to be sweet.

Update (5/9): IGN (here) has more news and some actors have been confirmed , such as Jon Voight, Megan Fox, Bernie Mac, and Josh Duhamel. Filming begins soon to be ready for next summer. 

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